There's been a great revival of interest in craft cidermaking in the last  few years. Some of this maybe rides on the back of the 'Magners effect', so people perhaps are trying industrial cider and then wondering what  the 'real thing' is like.  Other people are starting from the 'slowfood' or 'low food miles' position and want to know how they can engage with the true craft product as a manifestation of .those concerns.

Either way, for the craft producer, there are a number of technical challenges to give a consumer-friendly product of high quality that offers consistent enjoyment.  I've given a number of talks on this in the last few years and here you can find some as downloadable PDF files.

The Craft Cider Revival - Some Technical Considerations (2007)

This is just the slide text, without pictures. Given to the South West Cider Makers Association, UK. (Download about 0.2MB)

Craft Cider Making - Beyond the Basics (2011)

A PDF of all the slides as shown on screen. Given as part of the 'Big Apple' harvest-time weekend at  'Hellens', Much Marcle, in Herefordshire. (Download about 1.3MB)

Phenolics in Cider Apples (2015).

A presentation to the Rocky Mountain Cider Association, USA in April 2015. (PDF Download about 0.7MB)

English Craft Cider Making - What can Australians learn (2015)?

A presentation to the Batlow Cider Industry Conference NSW 15th May 2015.  (PDF Download about 5 MB)

Craft Cidermaking Old and New - A History  (2016)

A presentation to the Cornwall and SouthWest Fruit Focus Group in April 2016 (PDF Download about 4.5 MB)

Updated 22nd March 2018

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