The Cider Digest

This is an e-mail discussion group with about 1300 subscribers, moderated by Dick Dunn who's an amateur mead and cider maker living in the gloriously named town of Hygiene, Colorado! Dick issues it on a roughly weekly basis, but more frequently when people in the Northern Hemisphere are thinking most about cider (e.g. from September to December!) and are therefore sending in more contributions. It tends to be populated mostly by North Americans, with a good number of those of us from elsewhere such as the UK. Well worth subscribing to, for an interesting mix of opinions and news about small-scale hobby and commercial cidermaking, and a great place to ask any technical questions.

To subscribe, simply e-mail "" with a request to subscribe in the message. When doing this, please include your name and a good e-mail address in the message body unless you're sure your mailer generates them.

More information, and archives of the Cider Digest are also available for download at

 The Cider Workshop

This is a UK based discussion group for small scale cidermakers and those who appreciate craft cider.  It's Google-based and you can access and join it via the website at  The Cider Workshop.  

Vigo Ltd

Vigo is the place to go for all manner of cider and wine-making equipment in the UK.  They sell mills, presses, tanks, pumps, hoses, chemical sundries - the works!!  You can find them at:

Vigo Ltd
Dunkeswell Airfield
EX14 4LF  (England)  Tel: +44 (0) 1404 890262   Fax  +44 (0) 1404 890263

Their website for commercial producers is at  They also have a dedicated hobbyists online shop at I buy all my stuff from them and I highly recommend them.  Their Managing Director, Alex Hill, also makes and sells superb naturally-conditioned cider as the 'Bollhayes' brand!

 Hardwood Crafts  produce some lovely hand-crafted bespoke cider mills and presses in Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire. Contact Peter Eveleigh at


Other  Suppliers

A Belgian based firm with a very wide range of winemaking equipment and supplies is

Korspelsesteenweg 86
3581 Beverlo
Tel: +32 (0)11 40.14.08
Fax: +32 (0)11 34.73.59

The Brouwland website (available in several languages) lists local agents in many other countries. They also supply directly by post or courier into the UK.

Two useful mail-order sources of small items and sundries are:

The Home Brew Shop
The Home Brew Shop
Unit 2 Blackwater Trading Estate
Blackwater Way
GU12 4DJ
01252 338045 

The Home Brew Centre
The Courtyard
37 High Street
BS31 1DS
0117 986 8568

The ‘KlerCidre’ keeving kit (enzyme and calcium chloride) is available from Vigo and also from 

 Laboratoires Standa
68 rue Robert Kaskoreff
14050 Caen Cedex 4



USA and Canada

For cidermakers in the USA and Canada looking for a domestic supplier, I've been told that the following are the places to go -  I have no personal experience of them myself, of course, being on the wrong side of the pond!


Goodnature Products, Inc.
3860 California Rd.,
Orchard Park
NY 14127
Tel: 716-855-3325
Fax: 716-667-3328
Toll free 800.875.3381

Happy Valley Ranch
16577 W. 327 Street,
Dept. 8D
Paola, KS 66071
Tel (913) 849-3103

Correll Cider Presses
24791 Warthen Road
Elmira, OR 97437
Tel (541) 935-3825

Oesco Inc
P.O. Box 540, Route 116
Conway, MA 01341

Lehman Hardware
PO Box 41
OH 44636 

Simply Cider Presses 

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