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Home Page....

... is to explain what the Wittenham Hill
Cider Pages are all about

Small Scale Cidermaking.... an overview page with lots of links
to my own cidermaking and to other stuff

The Science of Cidermaking

  • Part 1 Introduction
  • Part 2 Fruit and Cultivation
  • Part 3 Juicing and Fermenting
  • Part 4 Customising your Cider
  • Part 5 When Things go Wrong!
  • Part 6 Apple Juice and Cider Vinegar
  • Craft Cider Presentations
  • "Craft Cider Making" - The Book

  • More Science!
  • Cidermaking - an overview (1.3MB PDF download!)
  • Cider Flavour Descriptors
  • More about Cider Aroma
  • Nitrogen - the forgotten element!
  • Mainstream Cidermaking
  • Cider Apple Data
  • Malo-lactic TLC
  • Tannin in Cider Apples
  • How to measure tannin
  • pH and acid relationship
  • Measuring titratable acid
  • Sulphur dioxide - the cidermaker's friend
  • The story of the Campden Tablet
  • Keeving - what's that?
  • How Much Apple in my Cider?
  • Iodine Test for Starch
  • Barrel care, blackening, pomace and silage etc

  • The  Technology Centre

    More useful things

    Historical Cidermaking

  • Cidermaking in Devonshire
  • Cobwebs!!
  • Cider Vinegar
  • A Cidermakers Calendar
  • Retention of Natural Sweetness in Cider
  • Cidermaking on the Farm
  • A History of Norfolk  Cidermaking  (PDF)
  • Historical Downloads
  • Other Links

  • About the Wittenhams
  • Andrew's Publications
  • Customs Notice 162

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